Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nike Women's San Francisco Marathon

There are truely not enough words or pictures to describe the accomplish of running a marathon!! Its something that in hinesight, just about anyone is capable of doing, but only about %1 of the population has done. I think thats what makes it so great, to know that its not impossible, but takes a lot of hard work and determination!! As you know I signed up through Team in Training to do this marathon (a marathon on my bucket list I might add) but BOY did I get a whole lot out of the experience than just running a marathon. My husband (whom I could never thank enough) was my biggest supporter and really helped me get through everything!! I met some of the most amazing people through my journey and helped raise money to find a cure for cancer! I love to challenge myself to do things that are bigger than myself and this was definitely challenging!! The training was LONG but so worth it in the end. The hills were TOUGH (I'm from the gulf coast, the biggest hill we have are sand dunes which we dont run up) and the weather on the day of the even was brutal, but in the end we finished and thats all that mattered..our time was not so great, but thats okay...I will have another marathon to do to improve my time...this one was all about finishing!!
This picture is probably my favorite...the 4 of us girls that trained together, all finished together!

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