Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Okay so after the marathon I was FINE! Felt great and even danced the night away at the TNT afterparty! The next day Terry and I even took a wine tour of Napa! Something happened on the plane ride home though.....After sitting for almost 4 hours on the plane when I went to get up....my knee would not MOVE! The right side of my left knee was stuck, and yes I mean STUCK! It was a horrible pain that can only be described as ummm...well HORRIBLE! I prayed it would go away, but NOPE, it didn't! It only managed to get worse as the days went on! I finally could not tolerate the pain anymore so I broke down and went to a bone a joint specialist. I am not sure if I have mentioned before that i am a TOTAL hypochondriac!! Yes I know I admit it. I usually think I am dying or have a life threatening disease but this time I really was in PAIN and not just uncomfortable! So I went and they did x-rays and MRI's all to find out that I had IT Band syndrome...thats right IT Band syndrome...who know a little IT band could cause sooo much freaking PAIN! They suggested I do physical therapy! What?? I need something to make it feel better NOW!! So there I was STUCK in physical therapy for 10 weeks...blah!! I tried the cortisone shot, only for it NOT to work! I was so disappointed. I had worked so hard to be at the point where I was at in running, all to watch it slip away :( However, something CRAZy happened on week 11...my knee stopped hurting? As fast as it came, it just went away? Sounds crazy uhhh?? Well I believe that God had a plan for me and that plan was STOP running for a few months so that I could really appreciate the power of running. Appreciate how lucky I was to have 2 legs that worked and allow me to do what I really love and thats running and spending time with my best girlfriends!! So now....I'm back running and funny thing is, it only took me a few weeks to pick up right where I left off...Amen!

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