Monday, February 1, 2010

What have I got myself into?

Well I decided a few months ago after having my 2 miscarriages in 3 months, that I needed to find a new hobby....after having 3 very normal and healthy pregnancies (besides my last baby being born at 33 weeks) I was no longer able to carry another baby. The news was heart breaking, I am only 28.....It wasn't a total shock though, I was diagnosed with stage 4 endrotimious and a bicornate uterus 15 years earlier, so it was a miracle that I even had the 3 beautiful babies I had. Speaking of that, let me tell you a little bit about me...I'm Jennifer, an average 28 year old mother of 3 and wife of the most wonderful man in the world. I have to say God has been very generous to me, even though I know I am not worthy! I live in Daphne, AL and my husband and I own a roller skating rink. Although I love roller skating, I have always had a passion for running! I started running at age 10, and boy did I run. My mom was my inspiration, she would take me to the local track almost every night and I would watch her run. She made it look so easy. When I started middle school I joined the track team...there I found my niche...the LONG distances..I always ran the mile and 2 mile event...I loved it, I went on to run in high school, but after my junior year I decided to hang up my acis! Now lets fast forward 14 years later....I'm now 28 and have had 3 kids in 3 years...that's oldest Sweet Miss Kamden just turned 5, my middle son Maddox (who is a carbon copy of me) is 3 years old and my Baby Bryant, he is 22 months old now! My husband and I wanted to big family so despite the odds against us, we tried for a 4th baby and BAM....we were pregnant right away! After 9 weeks, I had a miscarriage and was devastated...I had never had one before and could not phantom how this could happen to me!! So after seeing the dr. and being told my rather HIGH risk (for the 100 time) we decided that Terry (my wonderful husband) should get a vasectomy...that he did...however we decided to go to Las Vegas for one last hoo-raw a week before the procedure and little did we know, we would be coming back with a little souvenir! A few weeks after Terry's "procedure" we found out that I was 7 weeks pregnant! BIG SURPRISE, but we were thrilled...I just knew that God had wanted me to have 4 kids after all! When I went in for my 10 week appt. there was NO heart beat.....DEVASTATED beyond words, (and even tht is an understatment)! I could not figure out why my faith was being tested and my spirit was broken? While in the Dr.'s office I was reading a magazine and saw an ad for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. The race was just days after my first due date, I instantly told myself....I have to do this race. Even though I have not ran in over a decade, I had to do something to get my mind off of everything. Running was the one thing that kept me occupied during my parents divorce as a child and I knew that running could be the healing power that I needed to get me through this too! That afternoon I came home and looked up half marathon training schedules and printed out best one I could find. I decided to go with Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Training Program. So here is where my running journey begins....

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