Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Battle of Mobile Bay Race!

January 30, 2010
Well the time has come in my training schedule, that I register to race my 1st 5K race since March 2004.....Lets see...thats 6 freaking years ago!! I looked online and saw that there was one about an 30 mins (or so I thought it was 30 mins. from my house)! I talked my husband into running it with me and we were off! I found out the night before that the race was ALL the way out in Dauphin Island, which is WAY out in WEST Mobile...about an hour from my house! Good thing the race started at 9 am, so we decided to leave the house at 7:15 am Saturday morning! My goal was to finish in 29 mins. My husband has not ran EVER, but is a true athlete and can pretty much do anything he puts his mind to with ease! I really had this big plan that I was going to have to encourage him throughout the race to keep up with me, so I was pretty PUMPED! He always beats me in everything, with little effort, so I was certain this was MY time to We got there and checked in and got on the coast, our temps usually do not get too cold, but for some ungodly reason the temp was about 46 degrees....thats well near FREEZING to us! Much to my surprise there was about 350 people down there! I was amazed at how may 50+ runners were down there....I was thinking I was in pretty good shape until I saw them...I can only hope I look that like in 25 years! We got all lined up and the cannon went off and we were OFF! I felt really good plus I had my best friend and biggest supporter (my wonderful husband) right by me! The scenery was beautiful, running a long the bay really made for a nice run! Unfortunately my plans of leaving my husband behind did not happen and he stayed with me the entire way and he LET me cross the finish line before him so that I "beat" him! My time was 31.15.....not what I had hoped for, but on the bright side, I did do my 10 min. a mile pace I was shooting for, so I was happy about that! After the race, they had a nice after party with hotdogs and beer! We enjoyed that before we headed home!!

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