Sunday, March 28, 2010

Azalea Trail Run 10'

Okay so I decided to run my first race in my ankle brace. I have not ran the Azalea Trail run in Mobile in over 10 years, so I was pumped to run it! Its a great FLAT course in downtown Mobile. I have been running with an incredible group of Ladies from Church who have really given me great support. Over the past few weeks I have been mentally struggling and I mean beating myself down! I have had a hard time with my confidence. I know I will never be able to maintain a 7 min. mile again and I have really been beating myself up over the fact that a 11 min. mile is the best I can maintain. Physically I have more body fat than I have ever had before and its tough to be mentally ready and physically NOT! On top of my mind games I am also struggling with this stupid ankle injury and its not making things any easier! I still cannot bring myself to look up my old 5K and 10K times, but I do remember finishing several 5K's in 21 mins.....a far cry from my now...31-35 min. times!! Anyhow, these ladies have really helped put my mind at ease while I am running and I am starting to feel more confident in my abilities! Not to mention my gym workout partner is pushing me outside of my comfort zone to do try things I dont really like. Overall I am starting to feel the results of my training and I hope SOON I will start to see the results (because honestly thats what really matters to me=). Okay so back to the Azaela Trail run, I did the 10K and I finished it this year in 1:04:52....which gives me an average of 10:32 minute a mile...I was pretty excited to have been able to maintain the pace throughout the race. I was a little disappointed that they merged the 5K runners with the 10K runners because it came VERY congested at the end and I think it slowed us down, but I was very happy with my overall performance! I can see I am making progress, slowly but surely! Also over the weekend I have decided that I am going to join Team in Training and run in the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Fransisco, CA on October 17th. I have been praying about it since the Disney Half Marathon when I was introduced to TNT and after talking to the local TNT chapter and praying about it, I think its the right thing for me to do! Sounds cheese, but my heart is telling me that its something I need to do! Even though its 6 months away, I now have a new goal and new journey to strive for!!!

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  1. Girl!!! You better STOP beating yourself up!!!! You are doing GREAT!!! are so inspirational for the rest of us!!!!